Certificate In Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant is among the fastest growing procedure with ever increasing demand. Hair transplantation is an artistic, surgical redistribution of the permanent/long life hair follicles taken from the donor dominant areas, viz., the back and sides of the head to the bald/balding areas of the scalp. These long life hair follicles are transplanted into the bald/balding areas of the scalp. With current microsurgical technologies, this results in a very natural appearing hair regrowth in the bald scalp areas. Just enough hair follicles are taken from the back and sides of the scalp so as to leave behind sufficient hair in the donor areas.

ICAM's unique training modules combine aesthetics with scientific advancements in the field of transplant. Efforts have been taken to initiate the student doctors in a comprehensive manner in differing philosophies as well as techniques of hair transplant existing today. A wide range of issues/ topics including dense packing, megasessions, hairline designs, temple closure, temple point recreation, body hair to scalp transplants, trichophytic closure, lateral slits, repair of unaesthetic transplants etc. are taught. With in depth training from ICAM, doctors will learn the aesthetic and scientific methods of modern hair transplant and offer their patients sophisticated and natural result. This course will introduce hyper-specialized techniques in the doctors armamentarium that will help them expand their practice and patient base.

The doctors, on successful completion of this course, will be confident in offering the latest HT techniques to their patients.